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Market Lamb Project:


Costs involved:    Lamb - $350-$450

                   Feed - $140

                        Shavings - $35

                                         Misc. expenses - $40-$80

                     Pen rent - $7




Income expected lamb – last years fair auction prices sold for an

average of $825  


The average from last year should indicate that you would make a profit of $253-$113.


Prices can fluctuate, and larger profit margins can be achieved by getting yourself a private buyer.  



Time expected: Daily – 30-60 minutes morning

                                                 Nightly - 1 hour

If this is for a fair project you will be expected to attend summer school at the farm. For the month of July, starting on the 1st, from 5:30 to 9 pm every Tues. and Wed. night until fair. During summer school you will be taught how to compete in both general herdsman ship of livestock and showmanship in preparation of the fair competitions.

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